Wednesday, September 8, 2010


        Dad (Robert W. Howell) with his five children 2010
                       Bob    Carol     Paul     Dad     Joy     Marty   

We are back from vacation and leaving Erik off at college.  He had a fun summer and we had a lot of youth activities that he enjoyed.  Pray for him as he starts his second year at Bob Jones University that God will continue to really work in his life.  Pray with us as Cheryl starts her women's discipleship class Tuesday the 14th of September.  Also on Friday I start my Family discipleship class.  Pray we both will have a good group of our members on each night.  Pray for our people as they grow.  As soon as we came back many asked for time for counseling.  Marty has had two so far and visits need to be made soon with others.  We have a new couple that are interested in baptism and we want to visit them this Saturday and maybe someone in the family is not saved.  So we will let you know if we lead some to the Lord.  Pray for this family that they may become members of our church soon.  In the prayer requests below #6 we mentioned two elderly couples joining our church.  One of these moved to the capital.  The other is still deciding.  Pray for them.  Also, if you read that list you will see that our disciplers decreased in number.  Pray that we will see more faithfulness in the members and see more maturity and spiritual growth in our older members.  Pray for Pastor Johnny and his wife Carol, who are on vacation at this time.  Pray for two children that I lead to the Lord in August here after the Sunday morning service.  One is Joseph and the other is Fernando.

Friday, June 25, 2010

UPDATE: Prayer request #9 about Mario Pineda's full time discipleship

Mario P. continues to disciple on Friday nights and is discipling the Fajardo family now along with his wife Karla.  This will help him doubly learn what he has already studied and it gives him the opportunity to disciple his own wife with courses he has taken without her.  That way she catches up to him to some degree.  He opted not to go full time at this point and is still praying for a job where he can support his family and study at the same time.  The option to give him a scholarship to study full time is not available but if you are interested in supporting this couple so that we can train them full time just write me an e-mail and let me know.  They would be very happy to get studying full time when God supplies.  Thanks for praying for them and Mario and Esther and their sister Ivette who are the ones studying full time at this point.  Praise the Lord that the Fajardo family are finally being discipled now two hours each week.  They are excited along with the Perez family who are also new at it and are being discipled by Ruben and Delmy.  Pastor Johnny just started a course on Friday and Marty is resting for a couple of months along with Cheryl who finished her course for the women.  So in September both will be starting discipleship courses once again for those interested in growing. Carol Binzel, Pastor Johnny's wife, is giving piano lessons to Mario and Esther D. so pray for all of these that they may produce much spiritual growth in this church planting ministry.

UPDATE: Prayer request # 1. José David whom Marty led to the Lord at the end of last year.

José David is taking the new believer's course with Erik our son at this time.  This will explain baptism for him and we hope will encourage him to go on in obedience and be baptized and join the church.  José is asking Erik a lot of questions that he has a doubt about.  Pray for Erik that the Lord will give him wisdom to answer this young man's questions and help him to grow in the Lord.  Pray that Erik will be able to finish the course before he returns to college in the fall.  Nothing yet on Victor who is not attending services.

UPDATE: prayer request # 2 Pray for Cheryl who will be operated on April 21, 2010...

Cheryl's operation was successful and she has been healing very well and resting at home. The ladies at the church served us lunches for a week to help us out, which was a real blessing. Now Erik is home for the summer and he is also helping while she gains her strength. God is good! She was back on Tuesday teaching her women's discipleship class and will take is easy as we go together to family camp this Thursday-Saturday. Thanks for your prayers now answered in her behalf!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayer Requests - April, 2010

1.   Pray for a young man named Victor who received the Lord with Marty in February, that he will grow, be baptized, join the church, and start to be discipled along with José D., whom Marty led to the Lord at the end of last year.  Also for Roberto who has made a profession of faith but not baptized and not joined membership nor discipleship yet.
2.   Pray for Cheryl who will be operated on April the 21st., 2010.
3.   Pray for a permanent job for April now that she has graduated from college with a masters in graphic design and photography.
4.   Pray for Amber in her fourth pregnancy, that baby will not come prematurely as he has been threatening.
5.   Pray for Erik as he finishes his first year in college and comes to help us in Honduras during his summer vacation, that God will guide him one step at a time in His perfect will.
6.   Pray for two older couples who are planning to join our church in a couple of weeks that God will
continue to mature them in the faith and use them for His glory.
7.   Pray that God would supply $100,000 to purchase the property behind our church in His will.
8.   Pray for Tommy C., Luis E., Jaime R., and Carlos N. to become faithful men.
9.   Pray that God would confirm His call on Mario Pineda's life as we are considering training him full time starting in June along with Mario Donado and Esther, his sister, who have been training now for 2 years and a few months.  Praise the Lord!  Mario P. is discipling almost full time right now and working in the afternoon and evening at his secular job.  His sickness however keeps him doubting whether he will be useful to God so pray that the Lord will heal him completely if it is His will.
10.   Pray that our church people will become a stronghold of soulwinning soldiers of Jesus Christ.
11.   Pray for around 11 3 members who are discipling others at this time, that they will be faithful and
        reproduce themselves for the Lord's glory and the spiritual growth of our church.
12.   Pray for Marty, that nothing will ever deteur him from his ardent responsibilities and that he will abide till Jesus comes.
13.   Pray for our camp on the islands this May 13-15, that God will do a special work in the lives of those who go as well as the people on the Cayes where we will be speaking in open air services.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Honduras Scenery Pictures

This is downtown San Pedro Sula which is the city that we are currently pastoring the Gethsemani Independent Baptist Church.

Monday, April 12, 2010